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How it works?

We provide professional services:

● embroidery digitizing,

● embroidery design,

● customized logo,

We work quality embroidery on all types of cloth and clothing, and we provide the maximum quality for our work.

Mitex Ltd. is dedicated to providing high-quality embroidery digitizing to meet your needs.

We provide services embroidery on sweaters, shirts, T-shirts single, caps, hats, polo shirts, work clothes, uniforms, making the skin, towels, as well as the development of tailor-made parts of the clothing.

Today, almost every company decides for promotional embroidery on hats, shirts, bags, towels, because in comparison to other ways of advertising, embroidery on canvas is by far the cheapest and most cost effective way of promotion. Using high-quality finish, embroidered allows normal maintenance items, so it is not often the case that embroidered motif outlive embroidered item on which was done.

To engage our services, you need the following: to deliver the image, dimensions, colors (number of colors does not affect the price of the design), the position of the motif, material on which it is embroidery, types of goods, delivery.

To create a program for embroidery, send the image in high resolution. Therefore, please follow the instructions for image formats that you send.

1. Vektorski format (CDR, AI, EPS, PS)  prebacite u krive.

2. Bitmap format (TIF, BMP, JPG) vodite računa da slika po dužoj osi bude minimum 1500 pixela.

Assessment of the required motive, we do within 12-24 hours and it is completely free.

If you're comfortable with the price (the price depends on the number of stitches embroidered motifs) working program for the bond. Please note that this is a test pattern which is free.


We have over 25 years experience with office Gornji Milanovac , we're here to help with all your embroidery needs!


We can digitize your logo, embroider your products, and get them back to you quickly. We do things right the first time.


We use Top Quality Industrial Embroidery machines along with a well trained Staff to transform almost any logo to stitches.


We're here to assist with anything you need.

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We have over 25 years of experience in working with companies across Europe.

We have the knowledge, expertise and the latest technology.


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